1. Nov 18,  · While No Knock Warrants in Texas might not be an issue you confront every day, the public knows about their existence and most people are misinformed. The Knock and Announce Rule Generally, when police are serving a search warrant on a home, they are required to knock on the door and announce their presence.
  2. From Nextdoor: "Re: Man Knocking on Doors of South Austin Residents Causing Concern: Over the past few weeks the Austin Police Department has received several calls from concerned citizens regarding a subject in South Austin that has been knocking on residents doors .
  3. May 29,  · I felt -- I mean, you know, he was supposed to be the dad that went upstairs to lay down the law to the kids, OK, no more pillow fights, lights out, everybody go .
  4. Aug 20,  · AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – A court halted the execution of a Texas man who was scheduled to die for a fatal robbery in which he wasn’t the person who pulled the trigger.
  5. No agency in Central Texas will say it has suspended use of such warrants, but all say they use them with sparing care and only after extensive study. , when an officer was run down by a.
  6. Apr 27,  · Thru the supreme court in the United States, We absolutely do have the right to go from door to door in Texas, and every other state in the United States. We present no threat to you or your safety. If you don't want us coming to your door, pick up the phone, call the local Kingdom Hall, and tell them to put you on the no call list.

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