1. Wittmann Antique Militaria 1st Model Luftwaffe Daggers. The DLV (Deutscher Luftsport Verband) was organized in , as a para-military sports organization for Germans to fly limited motor-driven airplanes, gliders and ballooning.. DLV Officers wore a very long dirk, measuring 55cm. The dirk design was a cruciform, consisting of cigar-shape ribbed wood grip, covered with blue leather.
  2. Book Stamped from the Commandants HQ of Occupied France in (Luft ) DESCRIPTION: This is a standard instruction book for Luftwaffe personal Der Dienst Unterecht in der Luftwaffe printed in with pictures and important text. The book has pages and measures 5 ½" x 7 ½" in size.
  3. Third in ICM's new tooled schedule of figure set ensemble's, is a group of Luftwaffe Cadets suitable for the period. As the boxart shows, this set is .
  4. s "der fÜhrer", em/nco's cufftitle. s "ss-polizei-division" em/nco's cufftitle. s "grenz-polizei" officer's cufftitle. s allgemeine-ss "ii" ss sub-district officer's cufftitle. s allgemeine-ss 3rd foot regiment officer's cufftitle. s allgemeine-ss 10th foot regiment officer's cufftitle.
  5. This cassette is for thin wafer,slot pitch distance mm, double the distance of normal cassette. Allow robot arm more space to pick up warp thin wafer, reduce risk of breaking wafer. Conform to entergris PA dimension, also can fit into carrier box. have .
  6. This is another helmet out of my collection, a nice early M35 DD Luft helmet with the desirable early Luft eagle decal. The helmet was made by ET and is size 64, the batch number isI The helmet shows much wear, it has been used a lot, but thankfully the decals came thru in great shape.
  7. You don't see these prints for sale very often. In perfect shape, no bends, tears, etc. Total print size 25 1/2 x 30 inches. Will be shipped in VERY large tube (6 or 7 inch tube), so when you pull it out, it will almost go flat immediately. Also signed by artist and had .
  8. D1 dimension – the distance from the end of the cassette to the to the center line of the first pocket; Pocket spacing – the distance between the center lines of each wafer pocket; Pocket flat – the width of each wafer pocket at its narrowest distance; Wafer carriers are designed to fit a wide range of wafer sizes from inches to mm.

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