1. The Porters of Hellsgate, Los Angeles: Address, Phone Number, The Porters of Hellsgate Review: 5/55/5(1).
  2. So who should come on stage, but the Porter, the play's resident jokester and door answerer. He does a lot of joshing around about what it would be like to be a porter of "hellgate." Apparently, a porter in hell would be a busy guy since there are so many evil and corrupt people in the world.
  3. The Porters of Hellsgate Theatre Company was founded in by Edward Castuera, Jack Leahy, and Charles Pasternak. Our inaugural production of William Shakespeare’s JULIUS CAESAR opened at the end of that year. In total the Porters have now produced TWENTY NINE of Shakespeare’s plays.
  4. Aug 01,  · The porter opens the door for Macduff, Lennox, and Macbeth in Act II, Scene III. This is ironic because porter believes himself the keeper of Hell's gate. Macbeth's entrance and the act he committed both allude to his eventual death and hell of his own making. Answered by jill d # 6 years ago 8/1/ AM.
  5. Although there's no direct line of descent, it's possible that the birth of "Knock Knock" jokes in the dim recesses of our century owes more than a little to the famous "porter scene" in Macbeth.
  6. porter This is a lot of knocking! Come to think of it, if a man were in charge of opening the gates of hell to let people in, he would have to turn the key a lot.

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